Office Phone Number:


President: Dedric L. Doolin
1st Vice President: Aaron L. Doolin
2nd Vice President: Steve Moshier
Treasurer: Shelby Humbles, Jr.
Assistant Treasurer: Deborah Reed 
Branch Secretary – vacant
Assistant Secretary –  vacant

Standing Committees:

  • Education Chair: Denise Bridges, Co-chair – Leland Freie
  • Religious Affairs Chair:  Rev. Aaron L. Doolin
  • Armed Services and Veteran Affairs Chair: Kenneth Reed
  • Finance Chair: Shelby Humbles, Jr.
  • Criminal Justice Chair: Melissa McCollister
  • Political Action Chair: Steve Moshier
  • Environment and Climate Chair: Tamara Marcus
  • Women in the NAACP (WIN) Chair: Nancy Humbles
  • Membership Chair: Rita Robinson
  • Prison Chair: Vacant
  • Communication, Press, and Publicity Chair: Vacant
  • Legal Redress Chair: Vacant
  • ACT-SO Chair: Vacant
  • Freedom Fund Committee/Fundraising Chair: Steve Moshier

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